Thursday, August 18th , 2022

Some Case Studies

Please take a look at these Case Studies. Each one describes the situation, the solution chosen to implement the change and the resulting benefits with metrics.

Each solution is tailored to the exact needs of the client's situation. In order develop and execute the solution we draw from our Toolbox of Lean Techniques, Total Quality Management, Six Sigma, Value Chain Management and Theory of Constraints.

A. Operationl/Financial Challenge - Eliminate Bottlenecks and Overtime

A product line used 64 hours of CNC machining overtime per week to overcome severe production delays. On-time job completions were at 39%.

Waste was removed from upstream and CNC Machining processes using setup and runtime reduction, work place organization and visual management. Material Flow analysis led to formation of three work cells based on part family analysis.

Overtime was reduced from 56 to 8 hours per week at a savings of more than $250,000 per year. On-time job completions increased from 39% to 90%.

B. Operationl Challenge - On-time Delivery / Cash Flow Improvement

A capital equipment company with three years of poor shipping date accuracy of only 60%, causing severe cash flow problems.

Equinox trained teams in Work Cell Building, World Class Manufacturing, Total Productive Maintenance and Performance Measurements; worked with the company's Material Flow team. Developed work cells, guided scheduling, capacity planning, flow and performance measurement improvements.

Capital equipment delivery went from 60% to 90% on-time; Spare parts delivery from 70% to 94% on-time; Profits increased by more than 10%; Cash flow up by more than $4 million per year.

C. Manufacturing Challenge - Setup Reduction

Greater world-wide demand for a mechanical product indicated a need for reduction of setup time at a CNC Machining Center.

Equinox provided Setup Reduction / Team Training for a small cross-functional team. We used the waste removal process, work place organization, improving safety and mistake proofing to optimize the setup process.

99% of all setups are now completed while the machine is running, saving more than $90,000 per year. Fixtures stored more safely, in less area. Fixturing errors now less than 1%. Additionally, this team independently reduced setup time for the next process (welding) from one hour down to 15 minutes, saving more than $50,000 per year.