Saturday, February 27th , 2021


Equinox Engineering started consulting in 1990 providing Manufacturing / Industrial / Methods Engineering support to companies with limited capacity in those departments.

Solutions provided to our clients include: Fixture Design and Manufacture, Cutting Tool Design, Automated Production Equipment Design, Inspection Gages, Manufacturing Process Control and Standardization, Time Studies and Improved Routings.

Starting in 1995, we began offering more far-reaching solutions to our clients by applying techniques and approaches found in World Class Manufacturing, Lean Manufacturing and Constraints Management.

These techniques allow us to bring significant time and dollar savings not only to the Production Area of a company, but also to the complete organization.

For information about our Techniques please see: Approach
For information about our Results with our clients please see: Case Studies

Since 2000, we have added technical expertise in the areas of Automation Control, High Volume Production, Ethernet Implementation on the Production Floor, Medical Approval / Production Improvements for Devices, Disposable, Sterilizable, Instrumentation and Bio-Pharma Approval / Production Improvement for Capsule, Liquid, Ointment, Tablet, New Drug Applications.

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