Tuesday, January 19th , 2021

Speaking Topics

Lean Techniques in Manufacturing and the Office

What is Lean? Why is it so successful? Can anyone implement it?

Get the answers to these questions and much more as we discuss how to use Lean Techniques to reach the main goal of Customer Satisfaction.

This presentation describes how Lean Implementation in Manufacturing Areas and in Offices helps us to reach that goal. The attendees will explore some of the Lean tools and how they are applied in manufacturing and office situations. Examples of actual results with photos are included.

Topics covered are:
Value Stream Mapping What is it? Why is it so vital? A look at Macro and Micro Value Stream Maps

5S - Workplace Organization Understanding the 5S principles, implementing and maintaining the 'Clean State'. Before, During and After photos
Flow One-Piece-Flow, Make-to-Order, the Pull System, Kanbans

Visual Factory Management Why be Visual? Some Techniques, Photos of Some Results

The presentation is designed to be approximately 45 minutes in length with a 15 minute Question and Answer period to follow.

The host facility should be prepared to supply a computer projector, screen, extension cord and a flip chart for the presentation.

To schedule a speaking date or obtain more information, please call Paul Silverman at Equinox Engineering 978-777-3693 or email us at info@EquinoxEngineering.com