Thursday, February 20th , 2020

Value Chain Management

You can achieve Process Excellence through Value Chain Management. Each of the Basic Tools, Lean Tools and Six Sigma will give you evolutionary improvements. What is usually necessary to reach Process Excellence is a set of revolutionary changes.

By examining the Value Added at each process step, removing waste and variation and focusing a grouped effort, we can create a strong, managed Value Chain flowing your product or service right to your customers. They will receive it when they need it, on-time, in correct quantities, with extremely high quality and you will achieve the flexibility to meet ever-changing Customer requirements.

Choose Your Targets

- Create Value Chain   Organization
- Reduce Cost Per Unit   Shipped
- Reduce Engineering   Changes
- Improve On-Time   Delivery
- Increase Sales


- Lean Manufacturing
- Pull System
- Co-location of   Resources


- Value Stream Mapping
- Organizational   Alignment
- Kanban
- Kaizen Actions
- Performance   Measurements
- Visual Factory   Management
- Project Management
- 5S
- Quick Change-Over
- Standard Work
- Scorecard
- Skills Assessment