Our History

Equinox Engineering started consulting in 1990, providing Manufacturing / Industrial / Methods Engineering support to companies with limited capacity in those departments.

Solutions provided to our clients include: Fixture Design and Manufacture, Cutting Tool Design, Automated Production Equipment Design, Inspection Gages, Manufacturing Process Control and Standardization, Time Studies, and Improved Routings.

Starting in 1995, we began offering more far-reaching solutions to our clients by applying techniques and approaches found in World Class Manufacturing, Lean Manufacturing, and Constraints Management.

These techniques allow us to bring significant time and dollar savings not only to the Production Area of a company but also to the complete organization.

Equinox Engineering
Equinox Engineering

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Since 2000, we have added technical expertise in the areas of Automation Control, High Volume Production, Ethernet Implementation on the Production Floor, Medical Approval / Production Improvements for Devices, Disposable, Sterilizable, Instrumentation and Bio-Pharma Approval / Production Improvement for Capsule, Liquid, Ointment, Tablet, New Drug Applications.

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Our Mission is to use our knowledge and experience to provide our clients with quantifiable and cost-effective solutions that are tailored to their specific needs.

We want to contribute to our client's ability to "delight" their customers through competitive pricing, on-time delivery, and flexibility to meet their customers' needs.

Equinox Engineering


Analysis, Solutions, Engineering, Training, and Support

To Improve a company's Delivery Time, Reduce Production Costs, Improve Quality and Optimize the Workforce, we find solutions in the following aspects of a manufacturing operation.

An organization's Business System...Business Strategy, Mission Statement, process improvement plan, and management skill determines the overall approach to its customers, supply chain, workforce, and competitors.

In the Business System, some of the items we examine are:

  • Leadership Capability

  • Business Strategy and Mission Statement

  • Customer Service

  • Organizational Communication Flow

  • Company-wide Performance Measurements

The Manufacturing System determines What, When, and How Much will be produced.

In the Manufacturing System, some of the items we examine are:

  • Customer Order through Work Order Processes

  • Batch or Flow Production

  • Push or Pull System

  • Data Flow

  • Performance Measurements

The Manufacturing Process determines How the Product will be produced.

In the Manufacturing Process, some of the items we examine are:

  • Raw Material - Supplier Performance

  • Process Repeatability

  • Quality @ the Source

  • Mistake Proofing

The Manufacturing Facility which determines Where it will be produced.

In the Manufacturing Facility, some of the items we examine are:

  • Plant Layout / Material Flow

  • Setups/Quick Changeover

  • Workplace Organization

  • Equipment Dependability

The Manufacturing Workforce which determines Who will produce it.

In the Manufacturing Workforce some of the traits we look for are:

  • Teamwork Skills

  • Problem Solving Skills

  • Level of Cross-Training

  • Data Flow

  • Performance Measurements

Our Consultants

Each of our consultants has more than 20 years of experience in the industry and consulting. Each one of us brings special skills in business management, operational techniques, training ability, and process improvement success to our clients. For more information, please view the details below.

Paul B. Silverman

Consulting Focus: Operational Solutions, Leadership, and Lean Tool Training

Consulting Specialties:

  • Manufacturing Systems - Lean/Flow/Cellular

  • Facility Planning/Material Flow

  • Manufacturing Training

  • Setup Reduction/Fixture Design

  • Value Stream Mapping / Waste Removal

  • Work Place Organization - Office and Manufacturing

Special Training:

  • Theory of Constraints

  • Facility Planning

  • Cross-Functional Team Training

  • Leadership Trainer

  • Bar Code Implementation

  • TQM Training

David Smith

Consulting Focus: Goal-based Engineering Consulting Services

Consulting Specialties:

  • Implementing New Manufacturing Processes

  • Providing Lean Factory Automation

  • Program/Project Management

  • Leadership/Technology Development for New Products

  • Training of Personnel

  • Quality Documentation

  • Food Processing Equipment Design

  • ISO 9000

Special Training:

  • GMP, Approval Procedures

  • ISO 9000

Robin Lindgren

Consulting Focus:Operational/Financial Solutions, Leadership Training

Consulting Specialties:

  • Manufacturing Systems - Lean/Flow/Cellular

  • Business Re-engineering

  • Business Turn-Arounds

  • Manufacturing Training

  • Value Stream Mapping / Waste Removal

  • Total Quality

Special Training:

  • Six Sigma - Master Black Belt

  • Lean Sensei

  • Supplier Interaction

  • Executive Activity Trainer

  • Leadership Trainer

  • TQM Training